Cooking Tips for RV Park and Campground Living

RVing offers the perfect blend of adventure, nature, and comfort. One of the joys of RV park and campground living is the ability to prepare your meals amidst the beauty of the great outdoors. However, cooking in an RV or at a campsite comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some practical tips to ensure you cook up delicious and fuss-free meals on the go.

1. Plan Your Meals Ahead

Knowing what you’ll be cooking for the duration of your trip can be a game-changer. It not only helps you pack efficiently but also minimizes food waste. Create a meal plan, taking into consideration the storage space and ingredients’ perishability. This way, you’ll avoid the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question.

2. Opt for One-Pot Dishes

One-pot meals are not only easy to make but also reduce the number of dishes you need to clean. Consider dishes like stews, casseroles, and pasta, which are filling and require minimal effort. Instant pots and slow cookers can also be incredibly handy in an RV kitchen.

3. Use Multi-Functional Appliances

Space is at a premium in an RV. Investing in multi-functional appliances, such as a combination oven and microwave or a two-in-one blender and food processor, can save on space and simplify your cooking process.

4. Pre-Prep When Possible

Before heading out, consider prepping certain components of your meals. You can marinate proteins, chop vegetables, or even pre-cook certain dishes. This not only saves time but also reduces the mess created in your RV kitchen.

5. Stay Organized

Having an organized RV kitchen is crucial. Use clear storage containers for easy visibility. Labeling shelves and bins can also be beneficial, ensuring that everything has its place and making it easier to locate items when needed.

6. Safety First

Always ensure proper ventilation when cooking inside the RV. Keep a fire extinguisher within arm’s reach and be mindful of the gas and electric connections. It’s better to be cautious and ensure your safety while cooking.

7. Embrace Outdoor Cooking

One of the joys of campground living is the ability to cook outdoors. Whether you’re using a portable grill or a campfire, outdoor cooking can be both fun and delicious. From BBQs to roasted marshmallows, embrace the outdoor culinary experience.

8. Stock Up on Staples

Ensure you have a good stock of staples like oils, spices, canned goods, and pasta. These can come in handy for whipping up quick meals, especially when you’re far from a grocery store.

9. Be Water Wise

Water can be limited at certain campgrounds or while boondocking. Be mindful of your water usage, especially when cleaning up. Consider using biodegradable wipes for initial cleaning before a thorough wash.


Cooking while living in an RV park or campground doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little preparation, organization, and creativity, you can serve up delicious meals that satisfy the soul and tantalize the taste buds. Embrace the experience, and happy cooking!